Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What's this all about?

Welcome pardners! At least that's what my wife would say. Kathy Weiser-Alexander wanted a hobby back in 2003 to take her mind off the corporate world she lived in, so she started her own little web site. The challenge was how fast it became a full time job. Not being trained formally in web design, she taught herself through trial and error and the advice of others. Today, over 350,000 unique visitors find LegendsOfAmerica every month, whether it be through the thousands of images or page after page of wonderful history, ghost towns and even a ghost story or two (hundred).

I'm proud of that woman, but there is a drawback. Try as I might, she still calls a cat5 cable a dog6. Ask her about her IP address and I swear she thinks you need a outhouse. Fact of the matter is, she doesn't want to learn, she's got me for that, and it's created some fun and exciting moments behind the scenes as the business continues to grow. Being a operations adviser of sorts means I get dragged along some of the strangest trips through the American West you can imagine. From a quirky little miniature town near Sante Fe that reminded me of setting out of a recent slasher film, to the backwoods of the US-Mexico border where we had "no business" being, just to get a picture of a town that hasn't existed for a hundred years.

Those odd little trips, and the funny things I encounter with Kathy as she continues to build the business, are what this blog is all about. She's long gone from the Corporate World, however I'm still in it for the next few years. But our goal is that someday we'll leave the city life behind completely, working full time together, preserving the legends of a great nation one adventure at a time.