Tuesday, May 6, 2008

April Numbers

Legends of America continued to gain readers in April, increasing daily unique visitors by about 1% over March.

Reported period Month Apr 2008

Unique visitorsNumber of visitsPagesHits
Traffic viewed *473395
(1.38 visits/visitor)
(2.5 Pages/Visit)
(55.13 Hits/Visit)

April's average unique visitors per day was 15,779, compared to 15,501 in March. And your spending quality time on the site as well, with over 6% staying up to 15 minutes, and 3.1% up to an hour.

Visits duration
Number of visits: 653770 - Average: 245 sNumber of visitsPercent
30s-2mn484657.4 %
2mn-5mn353585.4 %
5mn-15mn414086.3 %
15mn-30mn231493.5 %
30mn-1h204863.1 %
1h+86581.3 %

What did you read about in April? Our figures show that, besides landing on the main page or using the on site search, Jesse James still tops the list as the most visited page. Twisted History, Route 66, Old West Legends and Ghost Towns rounded out the top five.


And an estimated 72% of you added Legends of America to your favorites!

Add to favorites (estimated)343698 / 473395 Visitors72.6 %

Historically, many of you get ready for Travel in May, which brings a lot of visitors to Legends Of America. Be sure to check out the Travel Destinations of the Old West, or bone up on the in-depth coverage of Route 66. Kathy is busily adding more, so check the What's New page often for updates.

Thanks for making April a banner month for Legends Of America!

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