Thursday, June 12, 2008

On my feet again after May slowdown

Finally back into normal tennis shoes after being on my back most of May. You would think I would have gotten a lot of blogging done during my down time, but was too caught up in the ceiling paint and other distractions.

Legends of America was a little off as well. Looks like the high price of gas is effecting many peoples desire for travel, however if you live in the American West, this site is perfect for those short little day trips. It's also a good way to see most of Route 66 from the comfort of your computer, and dream about those Old West ghost towns and legends.

May numbers broke down like this.

Legends of America had 468,904 unique visitors, or about 15,126 per day. Those visitors represented 34.8 million hits on the site.

The top five most popular pages visited, with the exception of the main page and search results, are:
3687 different pages-url Viewed

What are the top subjects you're searching for?

Search Keyphrases (Top 10)

93598 different keyphrasesSearchPercent
route 6650071.7 %
jesse james47181.6 %
goldfield hotel38841.3 %
la llorona33841.2 %
robert ford17830.6 %
deadwood figure13600.4 %
geronimo13460.4 %
doc holiday11260.4 %
doc holliday10410.3 %
civil war facts9650.3 %

An estimated 72% of Legends visitors added the site to their favorites in May. For that we say a big Thank Ya!

Kathy's been busy adding more stories and pages than you can shake a stick at. Be sure to check what's been added by visiting her "What's New" page.

June's busy getting things caught up on the site before our next big adventure in Montana next month. Kathy's added Canvas prints to her photo print shop so be sure to check it out.

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Cheryl Alexander said...

Hey Dave. This is Cheryl Could you send me an e-mail? I am in town and was thinking about seeing if you were going to be available for dinner tomorrow (Wednesday) night. Kathy too, if she can! I have my advisor with me as well. We were going to see if you could recommend any good BBQ places we could sample while in town. I don't have your e-mail address on my e-mail when I am not in the office. Kathy, I am not sure if you read these before Dave does, but would you please have him send me a little message?