Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kansas City is a long way from DIA

Hey, this is reminiscent of my post on 7/19. Here I am again, in the smoking lounge of Denver International Airport, staring out at the same gate (B-37). Once again United has delayed us, this time going home. I know I haven't finished blogging about the rest of the trip yet, and will get to that soon, but internet here isn't that reliable for uploading photos.

At least Kathy looked up United guidelines, and found that if there is a delay of more than four hours, they will attempt to get you on another airline. So instead of having to wait from 3:30 to 8:15 tonight, we only have to wait until 6:51pm Denver time to catch a Frontier flight to Kansas City. I'm only home for a few hours though because some DORK booked me on a 6am flight to Dallas for work tomorrow morning. Oh...I guess that DORK is me. Anyway, just enough time to pack another bag, sleep and go. Can't wait to blog about the rest of our Wyoming, Montana and Idaho adventure. Ran into some more beautiful scenery and some strange mysterious things in cemetary's that I'm sure I'll be talking about.

Promise to catch up on the rest soon. Thanks for stopping by.

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