Friday, February 8, 2008

Pause In the Chaos

The server move is complete and Legends of America is now on a new host and dedicated server and the world is pointing to it just fine. Had only a couple minor glitches (that we know of so far) and very minimal down time, even though her previous host just couldn't wait another 12 hours and deleted the site from their servers in the middle of the move. What that means for readers is a foundation to a better experience as we now have breathing room to expand. It also means that Kathy can stop pulling her hair out for a little while and actually do what she loves...write about the American West.

The next big undertaking is the Rocky Mountain General Store, and the new shopping cart. This will introduce Google Checkout in addition to Pay Pal, and give shoppers an easier way to find their way around the on-line store. From over 5000 postcards, hundreds of books, Photos, T-Shirts and other apparel, videos and of course Route 66 Merchandise.

But for now, Kathy's taking a pause in the chaos and will not be making the big switch until after we come back from Southern New Mexico. There will of course be plenty to write about and I'm looking forward to putting the mechanics of Legends Of America on hiatus for a couple of weeks, and doing what we love....tell the tale of Americas rich history. I'm sure I'll have my own tales about our trip here on the blog too ;). Traveling with Kathy always produces some interesting side notes.

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